Portable Firewood Storage Cart-DIY| Easy Assembly


A very practical project for those needing to store firewood in  a mobile storage cart

An easy-to-follow 8-page woodworking plan, complete with cutting and assembly lists.

Please note castor wheels (optional) will need to be purchased to build this project, along with all lumber and fasteners required.

Plans come with both Metric and Imperial measurements. Please note: I design my projects using metric measurements. The Imperial versions are generated by converting directly to inches. (Fractions)

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DIY|Portable Firewood Storage Cart

A simple, easy-to-build and assemble Portable Firewood Storage Cart. A Complete woodworking plan with a cutting list and assembly instructions. The plan comes with both imperial and metric measurements.




A very simple DIY-style Portable Firewood Storage Container using basic power tools.

Come winter time I always need to bring firewood inside and store it for those cold, rainy days. Previously I was just dumping it on the floor but I knew that building a storage container would be the best option. Elevating it off the floor meant that there would be increased airflow around the wood. Which in turn would stop it from going moldy and also allow for it to dry better. My wife was always complaining about the wood falling all over the show as well which in itself was motivation enough.

The design I came up with was simple but effective at storing a decent amount of wood, 2 to 3 days worth depending on how long we keep the fire going for. The tapered sides allow for extra storage but do not increase the footprint of the container. It can also be easily modified to fit different sizes of wood, depending on how they cut it in your area or whether you process your own firewood.


We kept the design simple using only 2 different sizes of wood. The angles can also be cut before, or after the unit has been assembled so no need for miter saws or complicated measuring (unless you want to go that route). You can choose how you tackle the project. The addition of the castor wheels is completely optional depending on whether you plan on moving the cart around.




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Product Disclaimer

The use of woodworking power machines and tools can be hazardous!

The above plans are for the Woodshop Junkies Portable Firewood Storage Cart-DIY| Easy Assembly, designed, built, and used by myself, Jean, from the Woodshop Junkies Youtube channel.

I am not a professional woodworker or engineer. These plans do not constitute professional advice and are made available for general information purposes only!

The Woodshop Junkies Portable Firewood Storage Cart-DIY| Easy Assembly woodworking plans were designed to fit my firewood, some modification might be needed based on the size of your firewood supply.

We at Woodshop Junkies take no responsibility for damages to any equipment, person, or property as a result of a failure with the Portable Firewood Storage Cart-DIY| Easy Assembly woodworking plans. The design was based on my own requirements and modifications or strengthening of certain components might be needed to accommodate your own firewood. Please note that no load tests were performed and the purchaser is solely responsible for ensuring the safe operation of the Portable Firewood Storage Cart-DIY| Easy Assembly woodworking plans

I (Jean) accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or injury suffered due to any form of use of these plans.








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