Super-Space-Saver Workshop-Can Storage | DIY Woodworking Plans


A very practical project for those needing to store spray paint as well as other cans in a visible and easy-to-access storage system.

An easy-to-follow 12-page woodworking plan, complete with cutting and assembly lists.

Please note a swivel base will need to be purchased in order to build this project, along with all lumber and fasteners required.

Plans are available in Metric and Imperial. Please note: I design my projects using metric measurements. The Imperial versions are generated by converting directly to inches.

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Rattle Can Storage | DIY Woodworking Plans

Hobby Shop Woodworking Plans – An easy-to-follow multi-page plan with individual part reference numbers, sub-assemblies, and complete cutting lists. 

Building the ultimate garage workshop one project at a time.

This is a practical and space-saving project for storing spray paint and other cans in a visible and easy-to-access storage unit.


I use a variety of chemicals in my small workshop that come in cans such as spray paint, penetrating oils, primers, etc.
A storage system that relies on the cap to identify the contents of the can has never really been an option for me because the cap doesn’t always tell me everything I need to know about the product.
I wanted to design a project to store and organize all my chemical cans with maximum visibility and easy access. In addition to this also wanted a compact, space-saving solution for my small workshop that could be installed against the wall. Thereby freeing up important floor and workbench space.


This is where the inspiration for the Rattle Can Storage came into being. I had been wanting to simplify the storage of my cans but also have the cans themselves visible so I could identify them without having to take them out of their storage container. This led me to design the Rattle Can Storage system. It is a cheap solution that is simple to use and relatively easy to cut and assemble.

Please note a swivel base will need to be purchased in order to build this project, along with all lumber and fasteners required.


Check out the assembly video on the Woodshop Junkies YouTube channel









NOTE! Plans are made available in METRIC and IMPERIAL but were designed and built in METRIC using METRIC standard sizes. The plans were then converted directly to IMPERIAL measurements.  



The plans are drawn in an engineering style as show in the above image.


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Product Disclaimer 

The use of woodworking power machines and tools can be hazardous! 

The above plans are for the Woodshop Junkies Rattle Can Storage, designed, built, and used by myself, Jean, from the Woodshop Junkies Youtube channel. 

I am not a professional woodworker or engineer. These plans do not constitute professional advice and are made available for general information purposes only! 

The Woodshop Junkies Rattlec Can Storage | DIY Simple Woodworking Plans was designed for the cans that I had at my disposal. Other size cans might require modification in order to fit into the unit


We at Woodshop Junkies take no responsibility for damages as a result of a failure with the Rattlecan Storage | DIY Simple Woodworking Plans. It is the responsibility of the person using the Rattlecan Storage | DIY Simple Woodworking Plans to modify the plan to accept their cans. I (Jean) accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or injury suffered due to any form of use of these plans. 



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