Easy To Build Peg Board| DIY Beginner Woodworking Plan


A very practical project for those wanting to organize their workshop, or just wanting to create a more efficient working space.

An easy-to-follow 7-page woodworking plan, complete with cutting and assembly lists.

Plans come with both Metric and Imperial measurements. Please note: I design my projects using metric measurements. The Imperial versions are generated by converting directly to inches. (Fractions)

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DIY|Easy To Build Peg Board

A simple, easy-to-build wall-mounted peg board. A Complete woodworking plan with a cutting list and assembly instructions. The plan comes with both imperial and metric measurements.


A very simple DIY-style wall mounted Peg Board

As with most woodworkers or general hobbyists, we tend to accumulate a lot of random bits and pieces that get lost in a drawer or packed away somewhere, never to be seen again. Pegboards are nothing new but I thought why not build one and customize it to my requirements. Why not have small storage bins and pegs combined? The ability to even add a small French cleat should you so wish.

The peg board allows you to visually see your tools, fasteners, PPE, or whatever you may choose to mount. No need to search, or even open a drawer.  It has saved me a lot of time as I am now able to mount my most commonly used items to it and never have to go searching for them.

We kept the design simple so that the Pegboard would be able to be built with the most basic of power tools. This is a lovely project for beginners and experienced woodworkers alike who don’t want to tackle a complicated project but want to add value to their shop.



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Product Disclaimer

The use of woodworking power machines and tools can be hazardous!

The above plans are for the Woodshop Junkies Easy To Build Peg Board|DIY Beginner Woodworking Plans, designed, built, and used by myself, Jean, from the Woodshop Junkies Youtube channel.

I am not a professional woodworker or engineer. These plans do not constitute professional advice and are made available for general information purposes only!

The Woodshop JunkiesEasy To Build Peg Board|DIY Beginner Woodworking Plans were designed to mount my available accessories and tools, some modification might be needed depending on what you are waiting to mount/.display

We at Woodshop Junkies take no responsibility for damages to any equipment, person, or property as a result of a failure with the Easy To Build Peg Board|DIY Beginner Woodworking Plans. The design was based on my own requirements and modifications or strengthening of certain components might be needed to accommodate your accessories and tools. Please note that no load tests were performed and the purchaser is solely responsible for ensuring the safe operation of the Easy To Build Peg Board|DIY Beginner Woodworking Plan

I (Jean) accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or injury suffered due to any form of use of these plans.








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